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Karl Urban says conversations on DREDD series are happening

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Dredd was rebooted as a film series back in 2012 and although the film was actually a huge improvement on the disastrous Dredd film starring Sylvester Stallone in the 90s, it was still a bit of a commercial failure. However, this hasn’t diminished interest in the material at all and it still has quite a cult following among fans with a petition for a Dredd series already containing over 200 000 signatures and its corresponding Facebook sitting at 103 000 likes. This shows that despite all the failures, Dredd is still hot property and as such, companies are taking notices of its potential.

Director Karl Urban who last week tweeted that he would definitely be interested in doing a Dredd series for Amazon or Netflix, has gone on to send a further tweet after the Calgary Expo saying that conversations are definitely happening.

Dredd is certainly a much loved comic book and I think a TV series may actually fit it better than what the movies have been able to do. There is just so much more to the Dredd story and background than what can properly be told in a movie’s time slot and hopefully any adaptations as a series will prove that it does actually have a market to the world.


It will also help to distance it from any stigma that people may still have of that Stallone version and potentially open it up to a wider audience. Not to mention – Netflix and Amazon could also give it the dark treatment that the material deserves.

Now, what will it take for us to get a Firefly petition and Facebook page going?

Last Updated: May 9, 2016


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