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Karl Urban wants to do a DREDD sequel on Netflix or Amazon

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When Dredd was released in 2012, fans rejoiced. Finally, here was a true-to-form R-rated adaptation of beloved 2000AD comic book character Judge Dredd which could erase the taste of cheese and Rob Schneider left in our mouths by Sylvester Stallone’s terrible 1995 version. Unfortunately while fans were rejoicing, nobody was actually going to see the movie.

Despite great reviews, Dredd could not even make back it’s $45 million budget, completely shutting down any chance of a theatrical sequel. Yes, life isn’t fair. Luckily life also has the internet.

Calls for DVD sales boosts and fan petitions may not have made one bit of difference in seeing Karl Urban reprise his role on the big screen as Dredd again, but what about the small screen? At least that’s what Urban himself is hoping for as he recently took to Twitter to petition online streaming services Netflix and Amazon to pick up the property.

And you know what? He may just be onto something. We’ve seen shows like Community rescued by Yahoo, Arrested Development got given new life on Netflix, Veronica Mars got a movie 7 years after the series was cancelled, and even cult classics like Wet Hot America Summer which made almost no money at the box office got a revival on streaming services. So why not a movie that just about broke even financially, and whose 40 years of source material offers so much incredible serialized storytelling potential?


And seeing what Netflix has recently done with Marvel for Daredevil and Jessica Jones, there’s no denying that this format would be about as perfect a fit for the gritty, violent futuristic world of Judge Dredd as there can be. Just week after week of Judge Dredd being the badass lawman that he is, dispensing bloody justice to a menagerie of weird and wacky characters all existing in and around the grimy world of Mega-City One. I know I would watch the hell out of that!

And if you would too, then 2000AD has a petition up that they would love for you to sign.

Last Updated: April 26, 2016

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  1. Either that is a Lawbringer in my pants or this prospect got me very excited.


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