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Keeping a master is hard in this trailer for MINIONS

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The world just loves small, adorable creatures and the minions from the Despicable Me films are no different. Spin-offs featuring cute characters are also popular and can even be better than the original films, as the recent Penguins of Madagascar proved. So a spin-off movie featuring the yellow minions that serve Gru was a no-brainer, even though the second film was really just an overlong excuse to have minions do stupid things. If you have been waiting eagerly for the first trailer, this past Super Bowl Sunday delivered:

It does look interesting, but the trailer is cut in such a way that it also feels like every other animated film out there. Will Minions have the charm of the first Despicable Me or the worn retread vibes of the sequel? It’s fair to assume there will be quite a few talking characters, considering the voice credits at the end and that the minions don’t really speak in a language we understand. So there is more to this than what the trailer gives away. But nonetheless, this will be all about the yellow creatures (which I thought Gru created with mutated corn kernels) – can they carry 90-plus minutes of comedy? Well, even if they don’t, this is going to make tons of money anyway and is definitely 2015’s first ‘sure thing’.

Last Updated: February 2, 2015

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  1. They really didn’t need a spinoff movie O_o


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