Kenneth Branagh is both director and villain in the new Jack Ryan movie

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Kenneth Branagh, before he really turned his attention to sitting in a directors chair, was also one hell of an actor. The man has flair and presence on the screen, but with his new passion as a helmer instead of an actor, we’ve seen less and less of him in front of a camera.

That’s all going to change however, as the thespian will be gearing up to not only bark orders at Chris Pine in the next, untitled Jack Ryan film, but he’ll be terrorising him as well, as the principle villain.

According to Heat Vision, “Branagh is in negotiations to play the movie’s villain, Viktor Stazov, a financial wiz who, with the help of the Russian government, masterminds a plot to devalue American currency and thus destroy the U.S. economy.”

That shouldn’t be too difficult, as all Branagh has to do is get a credit card, default on a payment, and the economy should then burst into flames, as it happens to be in a tailspin right now.

Still, Chris Pine is going to need to punch and shoot someone, and this might be the perfect enemy for him, seeing as how the film will place him as a financial analyst based in Moscow.

It’s action, but with chartered accountancy! Riveting stuff!

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Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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