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Kevin Smith comes full circle, plans CLERKS 3 as his final film

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Hey, remember that story about Kevin Smith wrapping up his film career with Hit Somebody? That two parter of a film had to be downsized to a one-parter, and now, it’s been demoted even more to a TV mini-series instead.

So what’s a cult film director supposed to do for his swansong entry into movie-making? Why, go right back to the source of course, and start a brand new project based on the over the counter culture.

“Since Hit Somebody is now gonna be a mini-series,” Smith said on Twitter, “that leaves room for a new final flick before I retire from directing feature films.”


And this, I’m actually quite happy about. Smith has always made strong films when it happens to be about his original characters from his breakthrough film, and even though the sequel to that flick may not have been as strong, it was still a pretty terrific film on its own.

And honestly, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Smith to round up the old gang for this final film.

Last Updated: December 10, 2012

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  1. Clerks 2 surprised me, because it was actually quite good. It really seemed as though at the end of Clerks 2 that Dante was finally getting his life together, and actually going somewhere in life. It will be sad, if it turns out that regardless of Clerks 2, he’s back to being a slacker…

    But, to be honest, he hasn’t really set the cinema world on fire. While his offbeat movies are endearing, it just seems as though Kevin Smith has fizzled out.


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