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Kill la Kill is the craziest anime of 2013

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And that’s saying something for an animation series from Japan, which is practically fuelled by madness. For those of you who grew up watching Gurren Lagaan, good news! The creative geniuses behind that acclaimed series recently debuted Kill La Kill, which looks like a spiritual successor to that iconic reality-destroying series.

Set at Honnouji Academy, the series focuses on vagabond school girl Ryuko Matoi, as she tangles with the fearsome student council that controls the school and the surrounding city. Elite members of the school are gifted with Goku Uniforms, woven from life fibers that grant them superhuman abilities. There’s also a sub-plot about Ryuko’s murdered father, her ongoing rivalry with student council head Satsuki Kiryuin and enough visual LSD to drop an elephant.

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Armed with a sentient school uniform, Ryuko gets her own special abilities and enough gratituitous fan service to keep tissue paper manufacturers in business for a long time because of frequent nosebleeds. The show isn’t without controversy, with Ryuko activating her uniform by feeding it blood in a manner that looks like she happens to be slitting her wrist, but isn’t actually.

Add to that the fact the less shame the wearer of the suit has, the more powerful they become, and their are some pretty risky scenes present. But beyond, there’s some top notch animation present, as well as a healthy dose of humour.

Kill kill (1)

The entire art style just pops, and the fluidity that the battles are presented will make your eyes bleed. Even when the animation gets cheap, it still feels fantastic overall and it covers that rush jobs up with some bizarre scenarios.

It’s only a few episodes in, but Kill La Kill just replaced Attack On Titan as my favourite anime of 2013.

Last Updated: January 5, 2017

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