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KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE – So what did you think?

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We spoke about Fifty Shades of Grey a lot yesterday. A lot. With all the records it was breaking, this was inevitable though. But really, there’s only one movie that truly captured our hearts on this past Valentine’s weekend: writer-director Matthew Vaughn’s ballsy, subversive, action-packed, utterly hilarious spy romp, Kingsman: The Secret Service. While it does boast Colin Firth – COLIN FIRTH!! – in one of the best movie fight scenes I have ever seen, I will admit that it’s not a perfect film and has its flaws. But the movie is just so much crazy fun that I can completely overlook those flaws, making it my current favourite film of the year.

Did you get to watch the movie over the weekend? If so, please tell us what you thought of it. Did you enjoy the movie mayhem as much as we did, or are we just taking crazy pills? Were you as impressed with action man Colin Firth and newcomer Taron Egerton as much as we were? What were your favourite parts and did you too have a sudden craving for a McDonalds Happy Meal once you were done watching it?

While you’re busy discussing that, I have go listen to “Free Bird” while I lay waste to a bunch of haters.



Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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