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Kite Man Series in Development After the Success of Harley Quinn

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HBO Max is looking to increase its growing list of DC Universe offerings with even more groundbreaking content. The streaming service recently announced that there will be a spinoff of its hugely popular Harley Quinn animated series.

The new offering is called Noonan’s, named after the seedy Gotham City bar that’s a hotspot for some of the city’s villains. It will focus on Kite Man, who has just taken over as the owner of the establishment.

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Noonan’s Will Capitalize on the Success of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn recently became one of the most iconic Gotham City villains, thanks to Margot Robbie’s scene-stealing performances in the DC Extended Universe.

According to ExpressVPN’s infographic about Batman villains, Harley Quinn is now up there with the best known of them all. Fans love seeing her use her acrobatic skills, along with her trademark baseball bat for bashing enemies.

DC Entertainment realized that Quinn was becoming a much-loved character and swiftly moved to create an animated black comedy about her. The series was moved to HBO Max ahead of the third season, as the streaming service is determined to expand its range of offerings based on DC comics.

Harley Quinn has received high critical acclaim, along with several award nominations. It’s no surprise that HBO Max wants to capitalize on its success and offer a spinoff about one of its supporting characters, Kite Man.

What’s the Premise of Noonan’s?

Kite Man has played a minor role in the Harley Quinn animated series to date, initially serving as the love interest to Poison Ivy. In the spinoff series, though, Kite Man will mainly be accompanied by different characters that didn’t appear in the original series.

According to Nerdist, Noonan’s will follow the life of Kite Man after he becomes the owner of the underground establishment. It will follow his love interest of Golden Glider, a lesser-known DC villainess who first appeared in The Flash in 1977.

Kite Man and Golden Glider must moonlight as criminals to fund the purchase of Noonan’s. Due to the hapless nature of the characters, it’s likely to be another black comedy that subverts traditional superhero tropes. Matt Oberg will continue to voice the dimwitted kite-wielder, and this will please fans who enjoyed his performances in Harley Quinn.   

What Other Spinoffs Could Come from Existing DC Series?

The DC Universe is expanding rapidly and, for many, the series that have been released so far have been of higher quality than the silver screen pictures. Indeed, the likes of Peacemaker and Harley Quinn have received much higher praise than Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or David Ayer’s Suicide Squad in 2016

There are likely to be many more spinoffs in the future, including the already confirmed Penguin series starring Colin Farrell. According to Deadline, Viola Davis could be getting the small screen treatment in a spinoff series about Amanda Waller as well. Another character that fans would love to see more of is Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante.

There has been no official announcement about a release date for Noonan’s yet, but it is promising news that it is in development. It shows that HBO Max is likely to release many more DC series and spinoffs in the future.

Last Updated: June 17, 2022

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