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KUNG FURY II is happening!

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A year ago, the world got introduced to the gloriously cheesy awesomeness of Kung Fury. Written, directed and starred in by David Sandberg, Kung Fury was a highly successful crowdfunded short film that followed the titular Kung Fury on a retro-tastic time travelling tale of martial arts mayhem as he tried to stop the mad plans of the Kung Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and along the way ran into giant gods, and machine-gun toting vikings riding dinosaurs. And that’s not even mentioning the cheeselicious theme song sung by David Hasselhoff.

If that all sounds insane, it’s probably because it was… but in all the right, most hilarious ass-kicking ways! Boasting all kinds of neat audio visual throwbacks to the 1980’s VHS era and stuffed full of geeky pop-culture references, Kung Fury was a huge hit upon release and an instant cult classic in my books. And it looks like a sequel is on the way!

Sandberg revealed the news on his Instagram account when he teased the first look at a sequel for the script… which of course is wearing that iconic red headband.

Kung Fury got such a great reception from fans that I have no doubt that Sandberg should be able to get a sequel crowdfunded without any issue. He more than tripled his initial $200 000 goal, eventually pulling in about $630 000 to make the 30-minute long film. With enough resources now though, he may just be able to produce a proper full length movie this time around – as that title seems to be hinting at – which would be incredible!

And for those of you who have yet to experience the sheer balls-to-the-wall absurd awesomeness of Kung Fury, here’s the whole first movie along with that incredibad theme song from the Hoff.

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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  1. Kung Fury was excellent. The David Hasslehoff music vid made it even cooler. Love any 80s inspired sci-fi.


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