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Larry the Cable Guy will star in JINGLE ALL THE WAY 2

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As long as there’ll be a holiday season, there’ll be a Christmas-themed movie ready for a December release to rake in some yuletide cash. One such film from way back in 1996, was Jingle All The Way. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, that movie dealt with a bad dad racing throughout town to get the hottest action figure of the year and busting heads along the way.

Everything wrapped up nicely at the end, Christmas was saved and blah blah happiness. Almost twenty years later, and that film is getting a sequel.

larry the cable guy

Redneck comedian Larry The Cable Guy will star in the sequel, says Variety. It’s being produced by WWE films, so it means that this movie is going straight to DVD, and will star a WWE performer as well. And actuallu, I’m happy with their choice. Santino Marella, who usually gets his Italian-themed ass thrown all around the WWE ring will star alongside LTCG, so there’s that at least.

Filming kicks off in March in order to make it in time for Christmas this year, with Alex “Tooth Fairy 2” Zamm directing.

Last Updated: February 12, 2014

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  1. And here I was, asking myself if there is a Schwarzenegger movie I had not seen recently. Then like an angel from above… THIS article lands on my screen….


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