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Leaked STAR WARS: EPISODE VII concept art!

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I’m going to be straight with you guys: After I learned that a batch of concept art for Star Wars: Episode VII had leaked online (via MillenniumFalcom.com), it took quite a bit of internal monologuing to even get myself to click the source article for this, much less even thinking about posting it here. This was like the battle between the Dark Side of the Force and the Light, because I – like many of you fellow Star Wars geeks – really want to go into Episode VII as fresh as possible. But in the end, with me clearly forgetting what happened to the unfortunate cat, my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked through.

And honestly? It’s not that bad spoiler-wise. Mostly. The bulk of these concept art pieces are out of context spaceship and location designs. However, there are a few that seem to confirm rumours we had been hearing about the design of the main villain, as well as a look at what appears to be another baddie. There’s also one small detail revealed regarding a certain Wookkie. Most telling though are a series of pics showing off Daisy Ridley’s character and another that has been dubbed… the Grave Robber [INSERT OMINOUS THUNDER AND LIGHTNING EFFECT HERE].

So if you want to keep yourself completely and utterly SPOILER-free, then I advise you to rather just close this window and go find something else to do. Might I suggest entering our Annabelle pre-screening competition perhaps?

For the rest of you, scroll on down past the buffer…



No, Luke. I am you SPOILER



SPOILER or SPOILER not. There is no try



Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only SPOILER!



Ok, so let’s get down to it. I’m going to post the images with the descriptions that were posted on MillenniumFalcom.com, so as to give some context.

AT-AT Base
AT-AT Speeder
Binary Sunset
Daisy Ridley and Boyega Saber
Daisy Ridley and Dark Knight
Dark Knight and Daisy Ridley
Grave Robber 1
Grave Robber 2
Throne Room
Hangar Greenwood
Massassi Hangar
Millennium Falcon – Hangar Greenwood
Millennium Falcon – Skelig Michael Set
Pod bike
Pod falcon
Pod Junker and Land Speeder
Tie Fighter down
Tie troopers
Abu Dharib set
X-Wing Towing pig
Chewbacca cybernetic
Knight Trooper
Daisy Ridley – smuggler gear
Daisy Ridley – creature cantina
Montross (Unused character 1976) 1
Montross (Unused character 1976) 2
Wampa saber
Darth Vader – Zorro

Er… Zorro? What does that have to do with what is clearly Darth Vader’s dilapidated helmet? Other than that mindboggling description, there are few more things to take away from this. Firstly, Chewie just proved that clearly the Star Wars universe has a dismembered hand fetish. Secondly, Montross is an existing character from Star Wars lore – A brutal Mandalorian bounty hunter who competed with Jango Fett for the right to be the genetic template used by the Kaminoans to create the Clone Army for the Chancellor Palpatine. That would make him very old by this stage, which suggests that this may be Max Von Sydow’s character.

Thirdly, that Throne Room pic is rather ominous, and although that appears to be the Grave Robber – who I am assuming is Adam Driver’s villain – seated on the throne, it also throws some fuel on the fire of the recent rumour that somehow the Emperor would show up in Episode VII. And finally, as for the Dark Knight, it seems that most people are working under the assumption that is indeed Bruce Wayne a wayward Luke Skywalker under that mask.

Now before you get too excited, just remember that this is still just concept art. Just because somebody once painted/drew/modeled it, doesn’t mean it will actually be in the movie. The internet is littered with pieces of movie concept art that look absolutely nothing like what we eventually saw on screen. This may have come from one of the earlier revisions of the script, for all we know. So until we actually see some footage from the film, I’m just going to stick by the assumption that at this point in time, we still know nothing.


Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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  1. Sooo … confirmed locations Tatooine and Yavin (home to the Masasi Temple)


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