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Leaping lizards! Will Gluck is going to direct a remake of ANNIE

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It’s a hard knock life, uh huh, it’s hard knock life! Remember little Orphan Annie? You don’t? Damn, I do feel old today. Anyway, the classic cartoons starred the Annie of the title, alongside her wealthy adoptive father Daddy Warbucks. Together, along with friends and allies, they took part in numerous adventures and hijinks of the wacky variety.

A film was made way back in the ancient age of 1982, based on the 1977 Broadway musical. And seeing as how we’ve gone almost an entire month without mentioning some sort of reboot, it’s time to break that record, as the eery-eyed character is looking to make a big screen comeback.

Sony Pictures Entertainment looks to be the Daddy Warbucks behind this new stab at the franchise, and are busy negotiating with Will “Friends with benefits” Gluck to direct. Set in the modern day, the film was originally going to be a vehicle for the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter Willow to have a starring role, but those plans fell through as the years of development hell eventually ticked away.

And most likely also because the last time that Willow Smith released a song, it induced Hulk-levels of rage in anyone within earshot, as her “music” is mow technically classified as cruel and unusual punishment by the Hague.

James Lassiter and Jay Z are also on producing duties, alongside Jay Brown and Tyran Smith. A new screenplay is being commissioned from the one originally written by Emma Thompson, that will be rewritten by Aline Brosh McKenna.

Commenting on the new news regarding Annie,  Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad and Hannah Minghella said; “After seeing firsthand his work on several films for Sony, including ‘Easy A’ and ‘Friends with Benefits’, we’re huge fans of Will Gluck. At the helm of ‘Annie’, he will bring to this film all the charm of the original Broadway production while also appealing to a new generation.”

So little Orphan Annie with a more Gleeful soundtrack and setting? I’d bet easy money on that happening.

Last Updated: January 31, 2013

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