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Liev Schreiber might return as Sabretooth in WOLVERINE 3

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If Deadpool has taught the world anything, it’s not to just jettison your actors if a movie fails to meet expectations.

After all, Ryan Reynolds managed to survive the terrible portrayal of his now-famous Merc with a Mouth from the first Wolverine movie. And despite a bit of an iffy solo path, Hugh Jackman is still the perfect Wolverine.

Well, speaking of that first Wolverine movie, what about Leiv Schreiber? He played Sabretooth, Wolverine’s older brother… or something like that. My memory is foggy, especially since I liked the second film, Wolverine Goes to Japan, a lot more. But generally speaking I liked both movies, unusual since I enjoyed almost nothing else in the X-Men movie series.

Schreiber was fun to watch and a good match for Hugh Jackman on screen. His star has since risen to even more prominence, especially as the fixer Ray Donovan. Finally, hands-down one of my favourite comics ever was the special one-shot that used fold-out spreads to portray all the action. As a fan of comic books as an art form, I loved that and it has endeared me to both characters. It’s really not a Wolverine experience if Sabretooth isn’t trying to kill him.

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Well, Schreiber is up for appearing as the character again in the next, and likely final, Wolverine movie. He said as much at the Oscars:

“I don’t know. [Jackman] mentioned it to me. The Old Man Logan story — that’s appealing. That’s something that I can do. Old, being the operative word.”

Well, that’s pretty much it. Liev is up for the role and Hugh appears keen to want him part of it.

Now all it will take are executives to agree and a script to make it happen. James Mangold, who directed the second Wolverine film, is helming this one and rumours want us to believe it’s an R-rated project. But the release is only due in 2017 – if they haven’t started principle photography yet (which appears to be the case), this may slip to even 2018.

That’s more than enough time for Hugh and Liev to go threaten the suits at Fox Pictures…

Last Updated: March 1, 2016

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