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Looks like Broken Lizard is finally going to make those Super-Troopers and Beerfest sequels

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We’ve spoken before about how much we love Super-Troopers, that cult hit film about highway officers and their shenanigans, that made a fat sack of cash with DVD sales.

Comedy Troupe Broken Lizard have been hinting towards a sequel for years now, with skeptical fans wary of such news. Well, now it looks like those plans have taken a big leap forward, as soon as the gang can reslve a teensy weeny legal issue.

“We’re hoping to make ‘Super Troopers 2’ as a group if we can work out a legal situation with Fox Searchlight,” Jay Chandraskehar said to Comingsoon.net. “They’re into, they like it.”

“We’ve written a script, we’ve handed it into them, they loved the script,” Kevin Heffernan added. “We have an issue with the first film and the accounting so if that can all be resolved, I think we’ll end up making it,” Chandraskehar said.

But that’s not the only film that’s getting a dose of sequelitis, as the group is looking to also film a sequel to Beerfest, a comedy which centred around an underground drinking tournament. It was pretty much like the Olympics of alcohol, only with even fewer designated drivers.

“We’ll also probably make ‘Potfest,’ which was a joke, but then Willie (Nelson) said he would do it, and Snoop Dogg and Cheech (Marin), they both said they would do it and we’re like, We can probably do this”, Chandraskehar said.

“You go into the TSA, that’s the number one movie they ask for. I think there may be an audience for that. There are also films we’re working on – we may do an umpire movie, playing minor league umpires.”

Right now though, Chandraskehar is working on a script for a new film called Shotgun Wedding, while Broken Lizard members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Laemme are working on creating various TV shows, something that has added to the complexity of creating a new Broken Lizard film, or even a TV show for that matter.

“It is an exhausting process to write a Broken Lizard movie because you’re trying to get five people to come to an agreement on it, so it takes a year,” Chandraskehar said.

“I don’t know that our process would work on this basis that we’d have to generate a script a week. I don’t know if it could be consistently what we do, unless it’s a sketch show. It’s not that I don’t believe in sketch shows, I’m just not watching those”.

“I’m watching all these other dramatic shows. I know these two guys will write their own show but they only have to work with each other and then if they’ll have me come and guest star, I’ll give them ideas or if they want to send me scripts, I’ll note them up and they’ll take the jokes I like and throw the rest out, but it’s an easier dynamic.”

As excited as I am to see a Super Troopers sequel, I’m even more ecstatic about a Beerfest successor being considered for development. The idea of a Potfest film has me hot under the collar, which I believe is a perfectly rational explanation for all the clouds of gnarly fumes that are emanating from my office.

Last Updated: July 31, 2012

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