Looks like Mark Wahlberg is going to hack the planet with teh cyber-terrorisms!

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Ah Hollywood, you do love your cyber-terrorism and hackers lately, don’t you? While pulling off stunts on a laptop may be plasuible in real life, in Hollywood, they’re basically more magical than Mickey Mouse.

And keeping the hacktastic dream alive is Mark Wahlberg, as he’s just signed on to tackle and produce the world of cyber-crime.

Wahlberg will be producing the flick, which as of now has yet to receive a title. To be based on a script by Jonathan Herman, which in turn will be adapted from a GQ story by David Kushner, the film will tell the tale of a hacker who cracked several high school student computers, and then used their webcams to record them while they were unaware.

How much of that original story will make it into the final film product remains to be seen, but it’s a decent basis for a fil that can take advantage of the fear and paranoia that the digital age has brought with it.

While Wahlberg is producing, chances are high that he could also star in the film, once he wraps up work on Broken City, 2 Guns and Lone Survivor.


Last Updated: December 13, 2012

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