Looks like Sam Mendes may be directing BOND 24 and 25 back to back, with Penelope Cruz as the latest Bond girl

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Looks like directing a Bond movie these days is like a game of pulling the petals off of a flower. Sam Mendes will direct, Sam Mendes will not direct, Sam Mendes will direct…Anyway, it looks like Skyfall director Sam Mendes is indeed back to direct a new installment. And he might even be double-dipping for the next big Bond adventure.

Bond 25 (1)

According to reports that Collider picked up on, Mendes is a definite for Bond 24, and is even looking at getting involved with Bond 25. These rumours come thanks to the current negotiations, which have allowed Mendes to first finish up all of his current projects, before being approved for a license to thrill once again. But this move, along with a massive sack of cash that has a dollar bill on the side, could also lead to Mendes directing Bond 25, possibly back to back as was the original intention. Which could also mean concurrent releases of 2014 and 2015.

Plot holes aside, I liked Mende’s vision for the film. He had an eye for style, great action and he squeezed some fine performances out of his actors. And joining Craig for Bond 24, will be the latest Bond Girl, Penelope Cruz. Cruz will be the oldest Bond girl to date, at age 40, but I don’t care because I’ve been crushing on her for years now. And much like my other Hollywood crushes, her restraining order smells wonderful.

But I’d like to see Cruz make an appearance. The majority of Bond girls so far have been either a confusing mix of eye candy or testorone, and the last time we got a really well-rounded addition to the franchise, was in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies with Michelle Yeoh.


Last Updated: June 3, 2013

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