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Machinima's release slate reveals a new guy in town, his name is RoboCop

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Machinima recently announced their new release slate with a host of new DC Comics-related shows stemming from their partnership with Warner Bros, some renewals, a show curated by horror master Clive Barker, young-adult sci-fi, a couple of game-related projects, and one nobody saw coming – RoboCop.

Machinima’s CEO Chad Gutstein said when announcing the upcoming slate:

Fandom and gaming engenders so much passion and engagement; it’s a cultural shift uniquely connecting with the most valuable millennials. It’s this deep connection to our audience that has made Machinima the ninth largest video entertainment platform in the United States, and the second most-watched programmer on YouTube. With our new slate, we are reminding our fans and our clients of one very important fact: Machinima is back!

Am I the only one that hates the term “millenials”? Corporate babble. Anyway, on to the important stuff – the new shows! Straight (sort of) from the mouth of Machinima via The Wrap we have:


  • RoboCop
    “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” OCP’s Security Concepts Division’s RoboCop program is back in an all-new, short-form limited web series, based on Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 1987 classic action film. RoboCop returns to Delta City where viewers ride along with the now standard-issue RoboCop officers as they respond to calls from dispatch. Tapping into current themes of the surveillance state, the series is shot from the first person point of view of the RoboCop officers’ heads up display, along with security cameras, dash-cams, and drones.

So we’ll have a Samaritan’s-eye view of the action. Not really sold on the idea of “standard-issue RoboCop officers” because of how they’re created – it’s not really something you go and pick up off the shelf now is it?

jl g&m

  • Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Season 2
    From visionary producer and animator Bruce Timm, “Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles” turns the DC Universe upside-down. In this dark, alternate world, telling the good guys from the bad guys is never easy: Superman is not the son of Jor-El, he’s the son of General Zod; Wonder Woman is not from peaceful Themyscira, but rather the warring nation of Ares; and Batman is more vampire-bat than man…and he’s not Bruce Wayne. It is unclear if our greatest heroes are here to protect us…or to rule us. With Season 1 set to launch in June, Machinima, Blue Ribbon Content and DC Entertainment have already begun development on Season 2, a 10-episode follow-up to the initial limited series.
  • #4Hero
    A modern adaptation of DC Comics’ cult-favorite classic “Dial H For Hero,” #4Hero is a live-action, VFX-heavy action-comedy about a young woman named Nellie Tribble who is quietly desperate to make her mark on the world, but wholly unprepared to do so. Nellie stumbles upon a life-altering smartphone app that allows her to instantly become a Super Hero for a short amount of time. The problem is her super powers are dictated by whatever is trending on social media at that moment, and they are always only semi-useful.
  • DC’s Hero Project
    Machinima, Blue Ribbon Content, and DC Entertainment are setting out to discover the next great creator for the world of DC Comics. Eight contestants compete in elimination challenges to develop a live-action short video based on their own interpretations of characters from DC Comics’ “Starman” comic book series. Well-known guest judges and celebrity special guests will join bestselling writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and a panel of esteemed judges to oversee the entire competition.

Justice League is easily the most anticipated of the three DC-related shows I think, it’s something I’d definitely watch. ‘Dial H for Hero’ was a comic I enjoyed when I was younger, but Twitter Hashtag Hero? I guess that’s where the “valuable millenials” come in. I hope the reality TV Hero Project doesn’t rely heavily on the tropes of that genre, because the creative process is interesting, the fake drama not so much.

clive barker

  • Clive Barker’s Creepy Pasta
    For the first time, horror legend Clive Barker is stepping away from the creatures of his own imagination and entering into the world of Internet horror fan fiction, affectionately known as Creepy Pasta. Starting with viral urban legends (e.g. Jeff the Killer, Slender Man and Ben Drowned), Clive Barker’s “Creepy Pasta” is an original series of live-action, blood-curdling short films. These new tales will be curated and adapted by Barker from submissions obtained through the creepypasta community, and produced by Machinima to scare you to your core.

First up, the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  • High School 51
    Created and produced by Roberto Orci and Legion of Creatives, and starring Orlando Jones, “High School 51” is as out of this world as the name implies. Hidden away in the heart of Area 51, Dream Lake High School is filled with mind-blowing technology, top-secret government programs and a student body that is cool, quirky, attractive, and…well, alien. No one from the outside has ever been allowed into the school and no human has ever attended…until now. For 16-year old Alex Valencia, the first and only human ever to attend Dream Lake, high school is going to be tough. Fitting in will be one thing but his biggest challenge just might be saving the human race!

I’m not sure what to think of this one, as an over-the-top animated comedy it could really work.


  • Happy Wheels
    Machinima will bring audiences an all-new original animated series based on Jim Bonacci’s hit online game “Happy Wheels” and produced by BMP Digital, the digital division of Bunim/Murray Productions. This must-see 10-episode short form series, which will feature fan-favorites such as Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad and Lawnmower Man, will expand upon the game that has more than 8 million players a month and showcase its notorious dark humor and penchant for blood and gore. Additionally, with over 3.1 billion video views amassed, BMP Digital is looking to leverage the voiceover talents of YouTube influencers such as Toby Turner (15.2M YouTube Subscribers) and others who have made this game so iconic.
  • Jerome ASF’s The Baka Chronicles
    Adding to the gaming fervor, Machinima’s iconic Minecrafter Jerome ASF (3.6M YouTube Subscribers), will be teaming with N00b Adventure creator Jim Schwerfeger for an all-new series – “The Baka Chronicles.” Featuring Jerome ASF’s most beloved character, Baka, the series follows two unlikely server admins who problem-solve the hilarious antics of griefers, trolls, and kids who wreak havoc across their favorite multiplayer Minecraft server. Little do our heroes realize this job is a massive headache.

These two game related shows already have a built-in audience and should do really well, especially The Baka Chronicles, Minecraft is a serious online powerhouse and one of the most searched for titles on Youtube.

  • Renewals
    AFK, Chasing The Cup, Realm, Battlefield Friends, Sanity Not Included, Deck Wars and ETC.

Overall that looks like a fairly interesting line-up catering solidly to our geekier pleasures. So what do you think of these, anything you’re keen to see?

Last Updated: May 7, 2015

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