Flex those pecs! Magic Mike is making more sense

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Just to prove it’s not just superheroes, sci-fi and Spielberg around here, here’s a bit of news on male stripper movie Magic Mike – one of several very different projects director Steven Soderbergh plans to churn out before his supposed sabbatical from film-making.

Comedy drama Magic Mike was profiled earlier this week as one of the Top 25 Movies of the next 6 months. And although heavy on the Man Candy – it stars the frequently shirtless Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe “True Blood” Manganiello – the film has honestly sounded like a bit of an oddity until now. Why would such talent (I’m talking especially about Oscar-winning Soderbergh) make a movie about such a cheesy, much-mocked profession? Does it stem from a deep, narcissistic need on the part of the male actors to prance around on-screen in a thong and wiggle their manly bits in extreme close-up? Is it all a big joke just done for laughs by those involved… or is something unexpected being brought to the table?

Well, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly – which also includes 2 new images from the film – title character and the film’s producer, Channing Tatum explains a bit more about R-rated Magic Mike (interview via Total Film).

“It’s a fun movie. We wrote it to be fun. We actually wrote it very comedically and in knowing Soderbergh’s style, he doesn’t punch in for close-ups and he doesn’t shoot in a very classic comedic way, so I think, overall, it will make it fun. The stuff that is happening is kind of outlandish, the characters at times will be bizarre.”

Co-star Bomer explains the film’s plot – apparently based on Tatum’s own experiences as a exotic dancer in Florida.

“It’s actually a really intricate plot. It’s of a Saturday Night Fever / Boogie Nights ilk. It’s a coming of age story. The central relationship in the film is Channing and Alex Pettyfer’s relationship. They play Mike and this character called The Kid. It’s a mentorship type of thing. One person is unhappy with where he is and knows that there’s a real ceiling to that lifestyle and that life, and one person is just getting into the whole glorious aspect of what it means to be a stripper.”

Magic Mike is currently set for release on 29 June in the United States. The film’s South African release date is unknown at this point.

Last Updated: January 13, 2012

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