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Malin Akerman hits like an uncoordinated cat in this trailer for Chick Fight

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There is no better therapy when you’re angry than trying to punch something. Preferably it’s a boxing bag or some other inanimate object and not someone’s actual face. But there is something strangely therapeutic about a violent release that somehow makes you forget life’s troubles. Which is exactly what Malin Akerman’s character turns to in the comedy film Chick Fight, when things take a turn for the worst.

Akerman takes on the role of Anna Wyncomb, who ends up joining an underground fighting society – through the encouragement of a friend (Dulce Sloan) – when things in her life do not go as planned. However, when the innocent fighting becomes a little too competitive thanks to Bella Thorne’s character, she decides she needs a personal trainer (Alec Baldwin) to help her learn how to fight:

This film is essentially like Fight Club, but with none of the brooding atmosphere, psychological drama, and deeper messages, and rather just focuses on having fun. And I like it. Through it has a few cliches and moments where it has clearly taken inspiration from other fighting movies, Chick Fight seems to just be about having a good time and is packed with plenty of laughs while also showcasing some very in-your-face fight scenes that should appeal to fans of slobber knockers.

Chick Fight is the kind of movie we need during tough times, one that allows us to just have a good laugh. And it’s a good time we don’t need to wait too long for, with the film set to release through On-Demand services on November 13.

Last Updated: October 8, 2020

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