MAN OF STEEL premieres new details and posters

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The San Diego Comic Con shifted into high gear over the weekend, kicking ass and taking names. Marvel stole the show with some big name reveals concerning Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and some galactic guardians, but DC Comics wasn’t prepared to sit this one out, as they brought out their big gun, The Man of Steel.

Zack “Watchmen” Snyder’s new take on the last son of Krypton is coming along nicely, thanks to a capable cast, and Christopher “Dark Knight” Nolan lending a guiding, producing hand.

Footage shown at the king of cons highlighted several aspects of this new take on the iconic hero, shots such as Clark visiting Krypton, with Russell Crowe there as his Jor El, Superman and Michael “General Zod” Shannon trading blows in a vertically ascending battle amidst skyscrapers, a smooch with Lois Lane and young Clark saving a busload of kids.

While that footage was exclusive to the Con, a teaser trailer for Man of Steel will be accompanying The Dark Knight Rises this week. Whether that trailer makes it to our sunny shores is unclear, so here’s a smartphone captured version of the trailer, in astonishingly bad quality in the interim:

So, with The Avengers wrapping up several easter eggs and cameos for one spectacular film this year, you’d think that DC would be keen to include something regarding a Justice League film as well, something which Snyder responded to at a Comic Con panel with the following;

We know Superman is the jewel in the DC crown. We want to get his house in order and then? Who knows what’s possible.

Another question that Snyder was asked, was how relatable were the characters in Man of Steel, because lord knows, identifying with a god-like alien being with incredible abilities that fights reality-smashing terrors on a weekly basis isn’t easy enough to connect with. Referencing Zod specifically, Snyder said with a huge smile on his face that “everyone in the film would have to be relatable”.

It’s looking good so far, and as one final tantalising tidbit, a new poster was unveiled.

I’m really loving the neo-noir mediaeval chainmail texture on this suit so far, as it puts a nice, alien spin on the established visual idea already. Yeah, I kinda pulled some words outta my ass there, so I’ll just end this with DARRYN LIKE!

Last Updated: July 16, 2012

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