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It’s not long to go now before the Amazing Spider-Man sequel swings into town, and this time, I hope director Marc Webb gets to tell the story that he wanted to before studio meddling knocked down the first Spidey reboot a couple of pegs.

One thing I did love with that film, was the relationship between Peter Parker and Emma Watson, which really gave the film some heart. Expect to see more of that in the sequel, as well some truly ‘operatic’ action.Speaking to Total Film, Webb explained that the film would be pretty darn massive:

It’s huge.We’re pushing the levels of effects, the level of action and the emotional capacity of this kid. It’s an aggressive step forward. We throw around the term ‘operatic’ because of the spectacle and the theatre involved, which is pretty epic. There are enormous sets and great set-pieces. But really it’s a very intimate song – this relationship between Peter and Gwen is very delicate and beautiful.

Considering that this sequel most likely has a budget of over $200 million, I wouldn’t expect any less. May 2 is when Spidey springs back into action. He’ll have plenty of enemies this time, with Electro and Green Goblin terrorising him, with the Rhino and maybe some other surprise appearances setting up the operatic nature of the movie.

Last Updated: January 28, 2014

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