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Mark Hammill talks STAR WARS EPISODE VII, plus check out his combat pose!

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It’s been around 30 years since Mark Hammill last wielded a light saber, save for that one time he visited Springfield in The Simpsons. He’s been busy since then, but the Jedi Grandmaster will be back and swinging for the Force next year in Star Wars Episode VII. So how does the 62 year old look today wielding a more elegant weapon from a more civilised age? Quite dapper actually. Can’t say that I approve of his padawan though.

While Hammill has yet to start shooting his scenes as Luke Skywalker, the years have been kind, as he is looking noticeably trimmer. Hammill popped up at Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World, and struck the following pose:


Speaking to the Orlando Sentinel (via JediNews) about the preparation for the role, Hammill dropped a few tidbits about the film:

I’ve altered my diet. I’ve started working out. There’s that. But on the film itself: I toured the departments, I’ve looked at wardrobe, and I saw the creature shop. I went around and met all the cast people, saw the technicians working on some new things.

As for the Internet striking back and constantly looking for spoilers, Hammill reminisced how different it was to work on a film that no one knew about compared to the hyper-interest of today:

This is a whole different world … The first one, no one cared. The second one there was a lot of interest, but it was before the Internet. … I tell people we’re not trying to annoy you or tease you or play some massive game. Basically what the goal is to keep the surprises for the movie instead of spoiling them on the Internet.

Episode VII rocks up next year December 15. And it’s good to know that at least one Jedi won’t be using a light-saber walker for battle-scenes.

Last Updated: June 6, 2014

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