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Mark Ruffalo wants the HULK to go green

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While there has been a bit of a split between Hulk fans as to whether they prefer Ang Lee’s Hulk or Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, but there is no question that almost everyone likes Mark Ruffalo as the titular green monster that likes to smash things.

8643606_600x338However, we have yet to see Mark Ruffalo in his own Hulk film and while I don’t think we’ll see that anytime soon, he does seem very enthusiastic about the idea but has recently said that he would like the film to have a strong environmental message.

Here’s what he had to say:

“…as artists we have an ability to reach a lot of people in a deep way, and we have a responsibility. What we have to do as storytellers is to take science and make it relatable. I think we have to tell the story of the positive and what we’re going to try to do. Give them alternatives but don’t make it a polemic.

I’m in The Avengers, but if you took my screen time it would come to about ten minutes, along with the 12 other people I’m sharing the screen with, so my input’s kind of limited on that. But if we get to a standalone Hulk movie, I’ll have a much better chance to do that. I’m just learning now how to find my voice and bring it into the studio world.”

Hear that, studios? Ruffalo wants his own film and I think it would be a ridiculously good idea to put him in one. I was very fond of what Marvel has done with the character, especially since The Avengers…though I have a suspicion that his need for it to send a green message might not fit in so well with the plot lines that fans would like to see…namely Planet Hulk leading into World War Hulk.

Perhaps we can have Hulk team up with Captain Planet to bring pollution down to zero? All I know is, we can be pretty damn sure that the Hulk will be recycling his mighty green fists right into Ultron and Baron von Strucker’s face come the next Avengers film.

Last Updated: January 20, 2014


  1. The only thing Hulk should be smashing in a green flick is Prius’s.


  2. WernerE

    January 20, 2014 at 12:51

    We already have a big green guy fighting for the environment; DC’s Swamp Thing.


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