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Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson are headed towards NEUROMANCER

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What’s this? A film without a number after the title? Impossible! Yep, out of all the sequels hitting us in the near future, a few original films are also slated to make an appearance, one of them being Neuromancer, which is building up some steam now that big time producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has arrived.

And with him, he’s brought some casting news as well.Adapted from the William Gibson cyberpunk novel, and headed by Vincenzo “Splice” Natali, Neuromancer tells the tale of hacker-thief Case, who after getting busted in a job gone bad, finds his ability to “jack in” sabotaged, leaving him without access to cyberspace.

Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson are headed towards NEUROMANCER 2

And considering how I freak out when my Wi-Fi connection goes down for a few minutes, Case happens to be in an even worse situation. That’s where the character of Armitage comes in, as the former military black ops man offers Case a way back in, provided that he can complete a secret mission to take down the Tessier-Ashpool family and the devious AI program, Wintermute.

Mark Wahlberg has been offered the role of Case, and Liam “Punching solves all problems” Neeson the part of Armitage, roles that would give them some complex acting challenges regarding the histories of the characters.

They’ve yet to say yes, but considering how Natali wants to create a film that is independent and non-mainstream, it might just scratch that artsy itch for the Hollywood actors to appear in something that doesn’t have the budget of a small European nation behind it.


Last Updated: July 31, 2012

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