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Martin Lawrence confirms BAD BOYS 3 is happening… again

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The question of what we’re “gonna do” when “da bad boyz, bad boyz” come for us, is one that we haven’t needed to answer for some time now. We may need to remedy that shortly though, as Martin Lawrence has just confirmed that Bad Boys 3 is indeed on the way. While chatting to talk show host Conan O’Brien about his new TV series, Lawrence was asked about rumours that something was indeed in the works, and the funnyman was quick to confirm them.

“I believe so. Yes. I just talked to Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday and he said its real, they’re working on the script, they’re getting close and it all looks good.”

Check the whole interview below, and skip to the 3:15 mark for the quote.

This is of course not the first time that Lawrence has been sure that the movie is happening, as he made the same claim four years ago, saying then that things were looking “really real” only for nothing to come of it. According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer back in April, the problem was with wrangling everybody’s schedule so that it all lined up.

“It’s so funny because we’ll get Sony real excited to make the movie, and then Will [Smith] is off doing two movies. And then, Will will come back and be real excited about it, and Sony will say, ‘Well, maybe it’s not the time for this.’ And then, Ride Along came out and was a big hit, and now they’re all excited to make the movie, but Will is off doing something else. It’s just trying to get everybody together to make it. But, we’re working on the script. We have a lot of faith and hope that we’ll do it.”

The difference now is that with Smith’s last few projects performing poorly, and him dropping out of a few more, his calendar is not only looking a lot more open, but he’s also probably looking for a new big hit. Plus with director Michael Bay now seemingly getting out of the Transformers business, the stars may just have aligned on this one.

The one remaining concern though, just like when this idea was previously floated, is money. Both Smith and Bay demand massive paychecks, way, way bigger now than when they made the first two installments in the franchise, which may leave the bean counters at Sony balking. The amount of fans drumming up support over the last few years may persuade them though, especially after Lawrence called Smith out over the threequel on Facebook a month ago.

There has also already been some development on a script, with Safe House scribe David Guggenheim being tapped at the end of last year to come up with something, so this may actually be happening for real this time. And to be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

Bad Boys is a modern action movie classic and well deserved of all its praise, but its followup – which had a few great moments – was mostly a bloated, overlong checklist of everything that I had come to dislike about Michael Bay’s movies over the years. I do realize though that there are tons of Bad Boys II fans shaking their heads at their screens right now, their faces scrunched up in disgust, wondering what the hell is wrong with me because clearly Bad Boys II is awesome from start to finish and I should just shut my stupid face. But the numbers don’t lie though: Bad Boys took in $141 million on a $19 million budget, while Bad Boys II pulled $273 million off a $130 million budget. Yes, Bad Boys II doubled it’s production budget, but if you take into consideration the way higher advertising costs (which is usually another 50-100% of the production costs), then the movie actually didn’t perform all that well commercially. Plus, it got absolutely savaged by the critics.

All of this means that a third film, at least 12 years after the last entry, is definitely not a sure thing, which could scare off Sony. I’m not sure that Bay still has it in him to go back to the much smaller scale of the first film, which was and will probably be far more successful, but I think I would love to see him try though, just so that we can have more of this.

Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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