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Marvel developing New Warriors TV series led by Squirrel Girl

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If you’re into your pop culture, you may have seen the name “Squirrel Girl” popping up on the internet quite a bit lately. Firstly, yes, Squirrel Girl is a real Marvel Comics superhero as silly as it may sound, and secondly, this new mainstream interest came about as a result of actresses Anna Kendrick and Shannon Purser (who played fan-favourite Barb in Stranger Things) both having stated that they would like to play the quirky character on-screen. Well, they’re in luck, as it looks like Marvel also want to see a live-action Squirrel Girl, along with some of her friends.

According to TVLine, Marvel TV is currently busy developing a New Warriors half-hour comedy TV series that will be led by Squirrel Girl. In the comics, the New Warriors are a team of young heroes who first came together in 1989. Created by then editor Tom DeFalco, the team was seen as a “junior counterpart to The Avengers” and consisted of existing young heroes Firestar, Marvel Boy/Justice, Namorita, Nova and Speedball, along with new creation Night Thrasher. The team has gone through several iterations since then with the lineup also including other characters like Rage, Darkhawk, Powerpax, Turbo, Scarlet Spider and more at different times.


Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green, debuted in comics three years after the New Warriors, but was never a member of the team. Instead, she came to fame as a member of the Great Lakes Avengers, an unofficial sister team to the normal Avengers – and much more of a comedic spin on the Marvel superhero team-up concept – who consisted of mainly wacky and oddball characters. Recently in the comics though, Squirrel Girl began to take on the role of super-powered nanny to Danielle Cage, the baby of Avengers Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, and is also a member of the Mighty Avengers, an unconventional spinoff team led by hero turned billionaire AIM leader Sunspot. She possesses all kinds of squirrel-like abilities, including a prehensile tail, sharp claw, enhanced speed, strength and reflexes, and also the ability to talk to squirrels.


TVLine’s report doesn’t indicate which of the New Warriors would be joining Squirrel Girl in this proposed TV series, but based on the fact that it’s taking a comedic approach, I would expect the more lighthearted members to show up. One point of interest on this report is that Marvel are not just developing this series on ABC, which currently airs Agents of SHIELD and also aired Agent Carter. Instead Marvel TV are reportedly shopping New Warriors around to several broadcast TV networks as well as streaming media platforms. If it ends up on the latter, this does mean that the show would get a lot more leeway for mature content, just like Marvel’s Netflix shows, but I doubt whether the concept needs to go all edgy.


Last Updated: August 31, 2016


  1. “new creation Night Thrasher” – Is he based off Kickass or vice versa?


  2. The Order of the Banana

    September 1, 2016 at 08:29

    Groan… Squirrel Girl? Is this to appeal to the Tumblerinas? Damnit Marvel, will you stop pandering to the Dangerhairs, the legbeards and their beta-orbiters, the gamma-males?


    • The Order of the Banana

      September 1, 2016 at 08:42

      Haven’t they learnt already… SJWs don’t consume! They don’t buy the comics they’ve “cleansed” of wrong-think. They don’t read, play or buy the books or games that virtue-signal. SJWs exist purely to bitch and moan at the scary night sky. It’s not even about social justice or the real issues that plaque this world.

      As a user on Reddit put it:

      “Back in the day I used to run a butcher shop. I wanted to boost my sales, so I ran this huge advertising campaign: “If you eat meat, you’re an unfuckable fat virgin loser and should probably just kill yourself.” It’s weird – we got great feedback from some vegans (most vegans actually found it tacky and stupid and even asked me to stop because it made them look bad but the ones who did like it seemed to really like it a lot), yet sales somehow continued to fall. We doubled down, of course, and ran a second campaign entitled “Meat: Eaten by giant pissbabies who probably have tiny penises that smell like overly ripe cheddar cheese”, yet even that couldn’t seem to get us out of our free fall.
      Eventually I had to shut down the store because of lack of sales. I’m still not 100% sure what happened, but I’m pretty sure it was because I was the victim of racism.”


  3. Raptor Rants

    September 1, 2016 at 10:11

    Lol. no


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