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Marvel films planned all the way till 2021

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By now you have all seen the latest trailer for Thor: The Dark World and your excitement for it most likely heavily depends on how on-board you are with the Marvel cinematic universe. Well, for those of you like me who love the Marvel movement, I am happy to announce that Kevin Feige has stated that they have films planned all the way to 2021.


For those of you still trying to count your fingers, that leaves us with at least another 7.5 years of Marvel films and since we don’t know much of what lies beyond 2015, we can only speculate as to what still lies in store for us.

Let’s hear it from the man himself, Kevin Feige, as per Wired:

“I could arguably say what we’re planning for the year 2021 … Will that happen? I don’t know. But what we planned for 2015 in 2006 is happening.”

Five years ago, looking at our plan, we knew that if Avengers was going to work, the movies had to stand alone … Now we have to prove to the studio that we’re more than just these five characters, these five franchises.”

Well, we have to give the man some credit. Seven years ago, the Marvel cinematic universe was only a geek wet dream and here we are, with Phase 2 already under way. What can we expect in the future? We know that there has been speculation regarding Doctor Strange and Black Panther films, but post Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man anything is possible, and I am extremely excited about what might be revealed next.

What this means for us fans, though, is that we can fully expect to finally see some of our other favourite Marvel characters and villains brought to life on the big screen and while I don’t doubt there might be a few that might not be as universally loved as others (I’m looking at you, Iron Man 2) we have the luxury of knowing that the continuing success of the Marvel universe is a promise that there is always a next film to look forward to that might right the flaws of a predecessor. Iron Man 3, anyone? Okay, to be fair, I really enjoyed Iron Man 2 as well but we can all agree that Iron Man 3 was a clearly superior product.

Let me take this opportunity, though, to just mention that I have quite high hopes for Thor: The Dark World but it is easy forget that Marvel are very clearly trying to separate the themes surrounding their standalone films. Iron Man 3 took steps towards being a techno-thriller, Captain America is set to bring us some larger than life espionage action and Thor is very clearly a swords-and-sandals film and, unfortunate (and inevitable) tropes aside, this is an extremely exciting time to be a geek.

So, what comic books would you like to see brought to life?

Last Updated: August 8, 2013

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