Matthew McConaughey won't return for a second season of TRUE DETECTIVE

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I’ve yet to see it, but according to the buzz of Twitter around me, True Detective is some kind of essential viewing for any fan of shows that take a left-turn into weird and creepy territory. The mystery series was designed as a standalone single season, obviously wrapping several threads and loose ends by the time it reached its conclusion.

But seeing as how the world is in love with it, a sequel series is no doubt on the way. Just don’t expect Matthew McConaughey to return.


Fresh off of an Oscar win for The Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey confirmed to Variety with one quick quote his intentions on a second season of the show:

No, I won’t be back for season two. Season one was finite.

Series creator Nic Pizzolatto feels that he can at least get some of the gang back for a new stab at the concept of the show, saying in an interview that “It would be great if we could use some of the same actors, like a reparatory company. It would be different characters, different setting. That’s part of the fun of the anthology.”

Damn, I really need to start watching this show. Be a dear, and please don’t spoil the final episode in the comments if you’ve already seen it, for those of us who are blissfully unaware of the plot.

Last Updated: March 4, 2014

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