Matthew Vaughn to produce the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot

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Comic book movies are a fickle mistress. One moment you’re in, the next moment some hack has taken over the directing responsibilities on your third X-Men film. Matthew “Kick-Ass” Vaughn certainly knows that feeling, as he stepped away from X-Men: Days of Future Past last year.

But while he may not be directing, he isn’t straying too far awat from the movie scene, as he’ll be helping to produce the cosmic-ray bombarded reboot for the Fantastic Four.

The news comes straight from Marvel Movies consultant Mark Millar. Alliteration! Via Twitter:

Josh “Chronicle” Trank is still on board to direct, and between Millar and Vaughn taking on the responsibility of keeping the first Marvel family on track, we could be in for a movie that is better than the two average Tim Story directed features which starred Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Captain America Chris Evans.

2015 is the scheduled date for the reboot, and with Vaughn on board, hopefully things will begin to pick up some steam as development chunders on.

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

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