Meet Camille, League of Legends’ blade-legged cyborg

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As expected from League of Legends, their almost quarterly reveal of new champions is something many have become accustomed to. This year alone we’ve seen three new champions enter the Nexus, and their latest champion is major tease. Their latest champion? An assassin with blades for legs – I wonder where they got that idea?


Camille, a blade-dancing, leg-slashing, champion arrived on the League of Legends Facebook and homepage with a comic and reveal video showing the character in her home city of Piltover. In the League of Legends Lore Piltover is a mechanically advanced city, hence the blades for legs.  Instead of using them to run against able body athletes in the Olympics, Camille instead cuts down her enemies with her blades offering some insight into what type of Champion she will be. The comic leads us to believe she is some sort of assassin/hitman/vigilante on the streets of Piltover, a place she holds very dearly. The comic strip also hints at her being an extremely agile Champion, with grappling hooks shooting from the hips.


Assassins are always fun to play in League of Legends. They’re fast-paced, agile, and become difficult to deal with in the late game without sufficient lockdown. Camille, with her agility, will offer some interesting abilities once they are revealed, but for now we can await her reveal trailer for a better insight. The comic leads us to believe she might be working for a higher power in Piltover, perhaps an underlying hint at things to come in the world of League of Legends? She’s also not entirely human. In some scenes you can see her eyes glowing meaning she is almost entirely cyborg. But, who made her? And what is her purpose? Cyborgs doing the bidding of major corporations is no new theme in most stories, but has she swayed to good? We will have to find out.

Last Updated: November 18, 2016

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