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Meet Pearl Mackie, the latest DOCTOR WHO companion

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You can’t have a Doctor Who show without a few key ingredients. Namely, the Doctor himself, a TARDIS, some sort of alien menace and at least one forum bitching endlessly about how showrunner Steven Moffat is ruining the franchise. But there’s one other key ingredient that a proper Doctor Who episode has to have: A companion.

They’ve been around since the show began, human characters that provide a point of view for the increasingly insane shenanigans that happen to be unfolding over time and space at any given time and keep the Doctor from straying too far from his roots to always help people. The latest such companion was Jenna Coleman, whose character died and lived in the previous season of Doctor Who before departing the series in her own unique fashion.

Next year, the unstoppable Time Lord gets a new face joining him in the TARDIS. So say hello to Pearl Mackie, who’ll be playing Bill in the tenth season of the long-running show:

I’m not going to cast any judgement right now based on a two minute snippet of footage, but there we go. Mackie looks like she has all the qualities needed to keep up with the Doctor, and we’ll presumably see her in the only Doctor Who episode this year, the annual Christmas special.  She’s got some big boots to fill, as Coleman’s character was the longest-serving companion in the history of the series since it relaunched in 2005, although most fans are properly divided over her impact.

Again, no one hates Doctor Who as much as its own fans who are constantly screaming for the extermination of the cast and crew. Doctor Who proper kicks off in 2017, as showrunner Steven Moffat’s final series before Broadchurch’s Chris Chibnall takes over over to great acclaim/much whinging of New Who being destroyed according to internet comments.

Last Updated: April 25, 2016

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