Meet your new Jessica Fletcher in the MURDER, SHE WROTE reboot

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We’ve seen plenty of TV shows rebooted in the past. Dallas, Battlestar Galactica and Beverly Hills 90210 are just a few such examples. And it looks like that trend won’t stop any time soon, as network exectuives have their eyes set on bringing back a certain famed whodunnit-solver. Ladies and gentlemen of a different generation, prepare for the return of Jessica Fletcher, as Murder, She Wrote is making a comeback.

Octavia “The Help” Spencer will star as the new Fletcher, who will be a  hospital-administrator-turned-mystery-novelist-and-detective who helps solve weekly murders in a town that has a higher kill rate than Gotham City. The original series debuted in 1984 and starred Angela Lansbury, and went on to run for 12 seasons. Currently, the new show has Alexandra “Desperate Housewives” on writing and production duties, with David Jallonari joining as a producer as well.

I’m not against a new Murder, She Wrote TV series. I just can’t fathom there being an actual demand for it. That, and I’m dreading the impending skrillex remix of the classic theme tune.


Last Updated: October 25, 2013

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