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Michael Bay-produced Songbird film could be Hollywood’s first post-Coronavirus production

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With many film projects halted thanks to COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty around when production will commence with several studios keen to resume filming in some way or another. While many studios grapple with those decisions, it appears that Michael Bay is prepared to lead the charge in getting Hollywood back to work.

The director, most famous for his bombastic action scenes, is looking to commence with the filming of Songbird in less than a month, in what will be the first major film production to start shooting in California. Whereas some series have tried to start filming in studios with a significantly reduced crew or making episodes entirely from within quarantine, no movies have resumed filming in Hollywood. Possibly reckless on Bay’s part, it is believed that Songbird will be following regulations which require distancing of some parts of the crew and increased health regulations which will allow them to get the filming done  

Ironically enough though, Songbird happens to be a thriller set during a pandemic, reportedly featuring storylines of paranoia and conspiracy, so its timing perhaps couldn’t be more apt in a world grappling with this very thing.

Songbird won’t be another big action blockbuster though, as it’ll instead be a low-budget film with Bay acting as a producer with Adam Mason handling the directing duties based on a script he co-wrote with Simon Boyes. They don’t have any planned release dates yet but if they can find a way of making this production work safely, it may set the path for more films to return to shooting and hopefully get some of the film production schedules back on track.    

Last Updated: May 21, 2020

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