Michael Fassbender pulls a hidden blade for ASSASSIN'S CREED

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Not every video game is ripe for a movie adaptation, as Bob Hoskins would begrudgingly admit after that fiasco that was Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

But some are. Some games have all the necessary ingredients ready for a small screen to silver screen transition. One of those games is Assassin’s Creed, a project which not only has some financial backing now, but also some starring and producing talent on board from Michael Fassbender himself.

The plot of Assassin’s Creed is one long and complex story, primarily revolving around two competing ancient orders, the Templars and the Assassins. One seeks to rule mankind, the other to protect them.

Enter Desmond Miles, a young bartender who discovers that he comes from a long line of Assassin’s, a fact that is exploited by the Templars who force him to relive their lives while strapped into the Animus chair, a device that can tap into genetic memories.

Game developer and owner of the franchise, Ubisoft, had been in negotiations with Sony to help co-produce the film, but after failing to come to an understanding over how much creative freedom they would be allowed, they ditched Sony in order to produce the film themselves.

That’s where Fassbender comes in, as the star of X-Men First Class and Prometheus will star in and help produce the film as well.

“Michael Fassbender was our first choice” Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of the specially-founded Ubisoft Motion Pictures, told Variety. “He’s an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor.”

“We’re open to re-discuss with the key studios once the production package is finalised,” Baronnet added. It’s unclear yet as to which character Fassbender will star as. He might be a touch too old to be Desmond, and it looks as if he would be more suited as one of the historical hitmen instead, either Altaire from the first game, or Ezio Auditore from the second game and it’s expansions.

There’s no official release date yet, but in the mean time, a proper third Assassin’s Creed game, set during the war for Independence between America and Britain, is scheduled for an October release this year.

Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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