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Michael Shannon talks Man of Steel's General Zod

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When seeing the on-set images of the ridiculous bulging biceps of our soon to be new Superman, Henry Cavill (seriously, is he smuggling grapefruits inside his arms?), it’s easy to forget that there is another powerhouse in the cast. Despite only possessing the physique of a high school Maths teacher at best, Michael Shannon is still as physically dominant as any blue gimp-suited superhero out there. Only he does it with with an on-screen presence so intense that anybody in his proximity wilts like cheap spinach.

Now the talented actor has spilled some info on his role as Superman’s rival, General Zod.

The info is actually from a number of different sources, but the guys over at Screen Rant have been ever so kind to compile them all together.

When speaking on how much villainous mustache-twirling we’ll be seeing from Zod:

“He’s actually a not very scary guy. He’s just trying to do his job, just like anybody.”

Personally, I’ve always preferred my villains to not be overtly evil, and as a character Zod is certainly a very multi-dimensional character. His latest iteration in the comics has turned him into more of a military leader, whose methods may line up with Superman’s boy scout sensibilities, but his goals are certainly not evil.

Shannon had previously admitted that he is not a fan of comics at all, but that he connected with Zod. He was asked if the audience would have the same connection:

“I don’t know, you know? I don’t want to say. Some people might hate him, some people might love him. But I’m fond of him. I respect him.”

“Kneel before Zod.” has found it’s way into geek lore, so people have been wondering whether this new reboot will see similar memorable dialogue:

“Zod has some speeches; he has some cool speeches. I got to say some cool stuff, but I can’t say any of it right now.”

And then he went and said some if it right away:

“Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?”

Which I hope is come kind of metaphor, because otherwise it demonstrate’s Zod’s complete lack of scientific knowledge.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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