Midweek Mouth-Off – It's time for a Celebrity Deathmatch!

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It’s time…TO FIGHT! MTV’s cult classic TV series Celebrity Deathmatch is making a comeback soon, ready to skewer a whole new generation of famous people in gruesome matches where everybody loses.

celebrity deathmatch

And that makes me happy. For too long now, actors and other assorted famous people have been free of any chance of seeing a claymation replica of their likeness brutally mutilated. So here’s the question; Who do you want to see enter the squared circle? Justin Bieber vs Jason Statham? The Kardashians going up against the housewives of INSERT CITY HERE?

Maybe you want to see Taylor Lautner fight an actual wooden plank. Or Mel Gibson vs Mel Brooks. Let us know below which celebrities you want see horribly dismembered!


Last Updated: June 24, 2015

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