Minion! Check out this new trailer for DESPICABLE ME 2!

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I really enjoyed Despicable Me when it came out, and evidently so did the rest of the world, making a sequel an inevitability. The film was funny, quirky, warm and well casted, but you’d have to be soulless to have not loved the little yellow minions that ran around in the background.

And while Gru and his adopted family are still the stars of the sequel, this new trailer gives his jaundiced henchmen the spotlight for once.

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There’s still no word exactly on what the plot will be about for Despicable Me 2, although the trailer could suggest that it involves the minions being snatched away from Gru, leaving him to realize just how much he needs them, set off on a rescue, yadda yadda heart-warming realizations once again.

And as much as I like the minions, focusing the film on them could be a mistake, as the comedy that they generated in the first film, worked brilliantly because it was zapped in with small, quick doses of slapstick humour.

But seeing them get up to constant shenanigans for 90 minutes? That’s stretching it. Save that for the inevitable spin-off TV series instead, Nickelodeon!

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Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Mirada Cosgrove, Dana Gaier and Elsie Fisher all back for the sequel, with Al Pacino joining in. Despicable Me 2 is out next year, June.

Last Updated: November 1, 2012

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