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Miriam Makeba biopic in the works

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In keeping with my African theme today comes more news about another South African biopic in the works. This time though, its not any of our famed politicians or sports heroes that are going to have their story told, but that of legendary singer and performer Miriam Makeba. Makeba was not only Africa’s first Grammy winner, but was also a voice for many during the latter tears of apartheid and especially as the country transitioned into a new democracy, so it’s only fitting that her powerful story gets told as well.

Deadline reports that Makeba’s lift story is being turned into film by Suzanne de Passe, who is known as much for her music production as her TV and film production. Broadway producer Willette Klausner, music producer David Franco and Makeba’s former publicist and confidant Marc Le Chat are reportedly all involved with the project, so we should expect some rousing musical performances of her songs, while still ensuring the story remains deep and personal.

They have just started putting the idea together, so there is still no word on who will be writing the script or even what focus of Makeba’s life they are going to focus on in the movie. As a vocal opponent of Apartheid, she had her citizenship revoked in 1963 and only returned back to the country in 1990. So, it will be interesting to see if they look to focus primarily on her life in the countries early transitions or take a more expansive look of her life that cross many generations.

I guess more interestingly for most will be who they will want to play the role of Makebe. It will be tough shoes to fill considering her voice and songs are quite iconic. Being an American production, they will probably go with a well-known actor from the US, but I’m hoping they might find someone locally for the role.

Last Updated: November 25, 2016

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