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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 pushed forward 5 months to July 2015!

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Christmas is coming early this year. That is if you like your Santa Claus to actually be a short secret agent who lists “couch destruction” as one of his hobbies. In a really cool and totally unexpected move, Paramount (via THR) have announced that they’ve pushed forward the release date of Mission: Impossible 5 from Christmas day this year to July 31st. With major blockbusters being delayed seeming to be the norm lately, this is certainly a very pleasant surprise.

According to THR, director Christopher McQuarrie and star Tom Cruise have been overachieving a bit, as they have apparently managed to get the film in the can way earlier than expected. This has given the studio the leeway it needed to steer way clear of the lightsaber-wielding elephant in the room, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was scheduled to open on December 18.

It certainly doesn’t take The Force to predict that opening a week after what is easily considered the biggest movie of 2015 would probably not have been good for M:I 5‘s ticket sales. The fact that Star Wars director JJ Abrams is a producer on M:I 5 probably factored into this as well, as nobody wants to see their one child beat up the other. With M:I 5‘s new release date they will now be facing much less stiff competition in the likes of Alcon’s planned Point Break remake and the Jake Gyllenhaal led boxing drama Southpaw.


What this means is that you can expect the film’s marketing department to really turn their efforts up several notches really quickly, which is a great thing since we’ve seen practically nothing from the movie. All that’s known about the flick – which sees McQuarrie and Cruise join forces for a second time after working together on Jack Reacher – is that it’s been shooting in Vienna, Morocco and the UK, and that the main cast from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will all be returning alongside Cruise.

And speaking of the fourth flick in the franchise, M:I 5 will have some major shoes to fill as the Brad Bird directed Ghost Protocol was considered by many to be the best in the series and was definitely one of the most fun action films of 2012. The movie is already off to a good start though as some set videos have shown Cruise pulling off a high-flying stunt on a plane that makes Ghost Protocol‘s Burj Khalifa scene look like a quick jaunt on the balcony. That stunt is also a good indicator for what type of movie we’ll be getting from McQuarrie as he is apparently very CG-averse and will always try to go for practical effects, no matter how crazy. All of which just gets me even more pumped and happy that we’ll be seeing this flick in just a few months. Now bring on that trailer, Paramount!


Last Updated: January 29, 2015


  1. I literally had no idea this movie was coming this year till Tuesday this week… Now it’s coming 5 months earlier? Hell yeah! I really enjoyed MI4. Will be great to see where they take the franchise next (there can’t be too many left, surely?).


  2. NiteFenix

    January 29, 2015 at 09:10

    I wish more Directors would take their queue from McQuarrie. Practical effects for the win!


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