Molly gets her super powers in this new trailer for the fifth episode of Marvel’s Runaways

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Have you started watching Marvel’s new Runaways series yet? I’ll admit that while I’ve seen pretty much everything Marvel has brought out up to this point, I just haven’t found the time to start watching this show yet, and with it being a little more teen-oriented, I’m perhaps not its target market anyway. Perhaps I’ll eventually get to it once all the episodes are available and things aren’t so busy (the Christmas holidays are looking so good from here, just stay away Vaalies so I can have the mountain and beaches to myself please).

Still, much like most other series that Marvel touches – let’s pretend Inhumans didn’t happen for a moment – the series is looking like a winner for both Marvel and Hulu and its strong teen focus for this series seems to have proven to be a popular one. The companies are still looking to build some more interest into the series though and have released a special trailer for the 5th episode, which showcases Allegra Acosta’s Molly Hernandez finally showing off her powers, sorting which she has yet to do so in the series so far.

Marvel Runaways, which is also dubbed as the OC of the Marvel Universe, balances its characters discovery of their superpowers with all the usual awkward teen stuff peer pressure, issues with the opposite sex and acne. That last part I’m just making up, as I’m pretty sure they have given all the characters perfect skin because that’s what teens need to see in their role-models.

Anyway, back to the show. This episode looks to pose some interesting challenges to the team and could be a key one in building up the show towards its final big climax. The episode is releasing later this week on Hulu, for those that are actually able to view it.

Last Updated: December 6, 2017

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