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Monday Box Office Report

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Despite four new films bearing down on the box office this past weekend, it was a quiet time over at the cinemas, with most films not exactly making much of a dent overall. Blame apathy, political focus or the bad weather of Hurricane Sandy, but it’s clear that most people were content to stay at home and watch a film, instead of in a proper theatre. Here’s a look at who made what this past weekend at the North American box office.

Ben Affleck climbed back to the top spot with Argo over the weekend, while the latest Wachowski Starship flick, Cloud Atlas, may have proven to be a tad too cerebral for audiences, knocking up a third place debut with its almost three hour running time.

Hotel Transylvania also saw a jump, from fourth back to second, while the latest Silent Hill flick failed to capitalise on a Halloween weekend, drawing in only enough crowds to grab a fifth place debut, just behind Paranormal Activity in fourth place.

  • Argo – $12.3 Million
  • Hotel Transylvania – $9.5 Million
  • Cloud Atlas – $9.4 Million
  • Paranormal Activity 4 – $8.6 Million
  • Taken 2 – $8 Million
  • Silent Hill: Revelation – $8 Million
  • Here comes the Boom – $5.5 Million
  • Sinister – $5 Million
  • Alex Cross – $5.05 Million
  • Fun Size – $4 Million

Weekend bomb debuts however, went to Fun Size, which barely scratched the top ten, while not eve King Leonidas himself could make Chasing Mavericks a must see film, as it flopped around in the 13th place waters, with $2.2 Million from box office receipts, just behind Frankenweenie and Pitch Perfect.

Last Updated: October 29, 2012

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