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Monday Box Office Report – The Heat is on

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Two new films hit the North American box office this past weekend, pitting a White House invasion doppleganger up against some stiff competition in the form of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s The Heat. Could the human binary code pairing up of the two female leads outdo Channing Tatum in ripped clothes?

Actually, yes, yes it could. The Heat did considerably well on its opening weekend, coming in second the current box office king Monsters University. That $40 million opening weekend is her best yet, beating the $33 and $34 million scores of The Proposal and The Blind Side respectively.

World War Z and Man of Steel saw some drops in their standings, with the zombie apocalypse flick falling to third place while the son of Jor-El found himself in fifth. As for everyone else, here’s how they did:

  • Monsters University –  $46.1 Million
  • The Heat  –  $40 Million
  • World War Z  –  $29.8 Million
  • White House Down  –  $25.7 Million
  • Man of Steel  –  $20.8 Million
  • This Is The End  –  $8.7 Million
  • Now You See Me  –  $5.5 Million
  • Fast and Furious 6  –  $2.4 Million
  • Star Trek Into Darkness  –  $2 Million
  • The Internship  –  $1.4 Million

Monsters University is now currently pulling in over $300 million worldwide. Pixar still has a strong standing with this sequel, but it’s going to face some stiff competition soon with the return of Gru in Dreamworks Animation’s Despicable Me 2. As for White House Down, its North American debut is lower than that of Olympus has Fallen, which made $30.4 million on opening weekend. Whether that’s down to audience fatigue for a similar film or the movie itself being less than impressive than what director Antoine Fuqua accomplished, remains to still be seen.



Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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  1. Saw Dragonball z, sorry, i mean Man of Steel this weekend
    regretted not making a second booking for the next show.


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