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Monday Box Office Report – Flops in disguise

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Fourth of July! Fireworks! Food! Bruce Springsteen! America! Usually the biggest weekend for movies in North America, this fourth of July was instead one of the weaker examples of the year, with the top ten films failing to even crack previous holiday release slates. Trans4mers remained in the top spot, while a few new movies made a move to take the top spot.Ultimately though, Trans4mers would stay at number 1 with a weekend take of over $36 million. Newcomer Tammy did decent business with a second place debut that earned $21.1 million, but Deliver Us From Evil and Earth To Echo were all flops, missing even the $10 million mark on this, the weekend of all weekends. Here’s how everyone else did that was born in the Yoo Ess Ay:


  • Transformers: Age of Extinction – $36.4 Million
  • Tammy – $21.1 Million
  • Deliver Us From Evil  – $9.5 Million
  • 22 Jump Street – $9.4 Million
  • How To Train Your Dragon 2 – $8.7 Million
  • Earth To Echo – $8.2 Million
  • Maleficent – $6.1 Million
  • Jersey Boys – 5.1$ Million
  • Think Like A Man Too – $4.9 Million
  • Edge Of Tomorrow – $3.6 Million

Top ten departures this week include The Fault In Our Stars, Chef and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. The Fault In Our Stars was a massive success, ending a five week run with a rather sick total of over $201 million worldwide, which isn’t bad at all for a film made on a $12 million budget. Chef was most likely also filmed on a much smaller budget, but Jon Favreau’s small movie came up short with $22 million from a worldwide haul.

As for the latest X-Men film, the children of the atom evolved a super-hit and made off with a staggering $717 million over a seven week period. That officially makes this X-Men movie one of the biggest hits ever from that franchise, surpassing X-Men: The Last Stand to nab the number one X-spot.

Last Updated: July 7, 2014

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