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Monday Box Office Report – A new challenger appears before the Hungry Gamers!

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It’s Monday, which means that’s it’s time for the Hollywood studios to count how much money was brought to them in giant sacks that have a dollar sign emblazoned on them.

I think. Anyway, here’s your top ten, how much cash they hauled in, in their domestic markets.After a month at the top, The Hunger Games finally fell into third place, thanks to the duo of Think Like a man and The Lucky one, which nabbed the first and second spots respectively.

The two of them managed to make $33 million and $22.8 million in their debuts, leaving The Hunger Games to make a decent $14.5 million in profit, which will no doubt go quite nicely with its current domestic haul of around $356 million.

Chimpanzee swung into fourth place, as the Disney doccie made a $10.2 million introduction, leaving current grave-defiling champs The Three Stooges in fifth with a $9.2 million position.

An eery sixth place went to Joss Whedon’s other, not the Avengers film, The Cabin In the Woods, which garnered another $7.7 million, while American Reunion fell to the seventh spot with a nostalgic $5.2 million.

Titanic 3D hit an eighth place iceberg that earned Kate Winslet and her “easy to fit two people onto” piece of driftwood another $5 million, leaving 21 Jump Street in ninth place with $4.6 million, while Mirror Mirror sank to tenth, making another $4.1 million.

Last Updated: April 23, 2012

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