Monday Box Office Report – Can a bicycle out-race a bullet?

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Mo’ movies, mo’ debuts and no mo’ money was the name of the game this past weekend in the states, as the box office saw not one, but three new debuts.

But was a combination of a Gotham detective in cycling shorts, a speedy getaway flick and a ghostly encounter enough to topple the geriaction kings of violence?

Nope, not all. The Expendables 2 held onto their top spot, albeit with a massive decrease in box office profits, keeping the Bourne interquel at the second spot.

Joseph Gordon Levitt and his BMX bandit film arrived at the seventh spot, while Dax Shepard’s latest project, Hit ‘n Run, clawed its way to a bloody tenth spot, leaving The Apparition to languish in 12th place. As for everyone else, here’s who made what;

  • The Expendables 2 – $13.5 Million
  • The Bourne Legacy – $9.3 Million
  • ParaNorman – $8.5 Million
  • The Campaign – $7.4 Million
  • The Dark Knight Rises – $7.15 Million
  • The odd life of Timothy Green – $7.12 Million
  • Premium Rush – $6.3 Million
  • 2016 Obama’s America – $6.2 Million
  • Hope Springs – $6 Million
  • Hit ‘n Run – $4.6 Million

Looks like bike messenger thriller films aren’t going to be the next big genre hit, that JGL was hoping for. Which means that I might have to cancel that project I was filming, that starred Kervyn as a renegade member of the Hawks, out to stop gangsters from unloading illegal Gastby sandwiches onto our shores, while making it in time for his nephews’ piano recital.

Damn, and I thought that I was ahead of the curve there.

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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