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Monday Box Office Report – Mars attacks (again)!

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You just can’t keep a good man down, especially if that man is a genius botanist/astronaut who is willing to eat poop-potatoes to survive! In its fourth week on the charts, Ridley Scott’s brilliant The Martian returned to the top of the US box office this weekend past with an impressive $15.9 million haul. Well, that’s impressive for a fourth week, not so much for a new entry, but luckily for the Matt Damon-led sci-fi thriller all the new guys faceplanted right out of the gate.


Not exactly brand new, but finally opening up to a wider release, Steve Jobs flopped harder than the Apple III. Despite fantastic reviews, an incredible cast led by Michael Fassbender, Danny Boyle at the helm and a script from Aaron Sorkin, the biopic about the late Apple boss has not found an audience at all. It’s $7.2 million take this weekend was just good enough for seventh place, and brings its domestic total to a measly $9.9 million.

So too it seems that people just don’t want to watch Vin Diesel movies where the words “Fast” or “Furious” are not in the title. Backed by poor critical buzz, Diesel’s fantasy-adventure The Last Witch Hunter could only muster $10.8 million. That makes it the highest totally new entry at fourth (and suddenly makes those talks about sequels seem totally premature).


The next new entry, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, was supposed to see the long-running horror franchise out with the type of bang it started with, but instead it barely managed a whimper. Its $8.2 million will probably look a bit better in comparison to its competition thanks to a very low-budget, but that was still just enough for sixth place.

And to check out the other two entries, you actually need to dip below the 10th spot as the Bill Murray led Rock the Kasbah opened sadly with a 13th place best of $1.5 million, while 80’s rocker cartoon adaptation Jem and the Holograms played to an empty club with just a $1.3 million 15th place take.

Here’s what happened on the rest of the charts.

  • The Martian – $15.9 million
  • Goosebumps – $15.5 million
  • Bridge of Spies – $11.3 million
  • The Last Witch Hunter – $10.8 million
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 – $9 million
  • Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – $8.1 million
  • Steve Jobs – $7.2 million
  • Crimson Peak – $5.5 million
  • The Intern – $3.8 million
  • Sicario – $2.9 million

Most notable departure out of the Top 10 this week is Pan, which saw a 56% drop off in its third week to just add $2.5 million to its meagre $29.8 million domestic total. Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak may not be off the charts yet, but it saw a similar drop-off which means that it probably won’t be here next week.

Last Updated: October 26, 2015

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