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Monday Box Office Report – Pan doesn't pan out

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It would appear that Matt Damon’s constant need to be rescued in movies is the gift that keeps on giving. After debuting at the top spot on the US charts last weekend with a whopping $55 million opening, the Damon-led The Martian has retained pole position with only a 32% drop off in its second week. That remarkable staying power has resulted in the Ridley Scott directed flick pulling in an additional $37 million, bringing it’s domestic total to just over $100 million. At this rate it may just become both Damon and Scott’s biggest domestic earner. Internationally, the critically acclaimed film is no slouch either, already sitting on $227 million off a budget of $108 million.


On the other side of the monetary scale, but just as impressive, Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs brought in $521 000. That may seem like a pathetic amount when compared to The Martian‘s millions, but the Michael Fassbender-led biopic about the late Apple boss received a very limited release opening in just four theatres stateside. That means that per theatre, Steve Jobs brought in just over $130 000, the best of any film release in 2015.

That’s where the high profile good news ends though as Joe Wright’s Pan apparently forgot to take some pixie dust and instead of flying has belly flopped to the ground horribly. Warner Bros may have poised the big budget effects-driven Peter Pan as the start of a new franchise, but after pulling in only $15.5 million – much lower than original estimates in the low to mid 20’s – that future is looking a lot more uncertain. Apparently, not even a weirdo Hugh Jackman was enough to get people through the door for this one.


The rest of the chart is essentially just a reshuffling of last week’s contenders with the only major standout being Hotel Transylvania 2, which showed some impressive legs in its third week with another $20 million to add it’s $207 million worldwide gross. Unfortunately, this means that technically Adam Sandler is still a bankable movie star. Sigh.

  • The Martian – $37 million
  • Hotel Transylvania – $20.3 million
  • Pan – $15.5 million
  • The Intern – $8.6 million
  • Sicario – $7.3 million
  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – $5.2 million
  • The Walk – $3.6 million
  • Everest – $3 million
  • The Visit – $2.4 million
  • The Perfect Guy – $1.35

It’s really disappointing to see The Walk and Sicario not earning more, as they’re both fantastic films and sure to be big contenders come 2016 awards season. While Sicario has the “excuse” of only having a limited release, the Robert Zemeckis directed The Walk – which has not even made back half of its $35 million budget worldwide yet – appears to have just not found an audience despite its thrilling true-life subject matter and very popular star in Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It did improve it’s take from last week, cracking into the top 10 this week, but it’s still looking pretty dreary.

With The Walk moving up and Pan making its debut, faith-based drama War Room and thriller The Perfect Guy both bow out of the top 10 charts.

Last Updated: October 12, 2015

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  1. Been to see The Martian… Wanna see it again! Such a great movie.


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