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Monday Box Office Report – Pixels had an extra guy

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Maybe there is a god, because it looked like Pixels was a massive flop at the North American box office over the weekend. Opening in second place with an estimated $24 million haul, Marvel’s Ant-Man narrowly beat Pixels to the top spot this weekend with $24.7 million taken.

Opening on 3723 screens, the Adam Sandler flick failed to capitlise on the retro charm of the video game properties that it had licensed, due to the flick having zero charm in even the most basic of acting departments.

Ant-Man clearly benefited from this, as well as having an extra hundred screens showing the film, as poor word of mouth kept audiences away from Pixels. Here’s how everyone else did on the weekend:


  • Ant-Man – $24.7 Million
  • Pixels – $24 Million
  • Minions – $22.1 Million
  • Trainwreck – $17.3 Million
  • Southpaw – $16.5 Million
  • Paper Towns – $12.5 Million
  • Inside Out – $7.3 Million
  • Jurassic World – $6.9 Million
  • Mr Holmes – $2.8 Million
  • Terminator Genisys – $2.4 Million

Top ten departures this week include Magic Mike XXL and The Gallows. Take off your stripper pants and dance, because the Magic Mike sequel cleaned up around the world with over $94 million so far. While it’s far off the mark of the first film’s 2012 total of $167.2 million, it’s not bad for a movie that only cost $14 million to make.


Last Updated: July 27, 2015

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