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Monday Box Office Report – Sons of pitches

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After dominating for several weeks and crossing the $1 billion mark internationally, it was time for a new champ to take the number one spot at the box office. And it all came down to two contenders: The musical aca-cast of Pitch Perfect 2, going up against the fast and the Furiosa of Mad Max: Fury Road.

And holy crap, did Mad Max get pitch-slapped. Pitch Perfect 2 took an easy number one spot with $70.3 million banked from across 3473 cinemas in North America.  The guilty pleasure original film clearly had fans,  with the sequel easily surpassing the opening weekend of the 2012 debut ($14.8 million) and then some.

In second place, Mad Max: Fury Road opened up with a score of $44.4 million from 3702 theaters. It’s been one hell of a bumpy road for the fourth Mad Max film, with on-set troubles, reshoots and a production that spanned several years. It all coalesced into one insane spectacle however, with Kervyn describing the end result as a ” feral engine of sand, fire and “guzzoline” thundering along at a breakneck pace”.

Here’s how the rest of the North American box office estimates looked:


  • Pitch Perfect 2 – $70.3 Million
  • Mad Max: Fury Road – $44.4 Million
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron – $38.8 Million
  • Hot Pursuit – $5.7 Million
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – $3.6 Million
  • Furious 7 – $3.6 Million
  • The Age of Adaline – $3.2 Million
  • Home – $2.7 Million
  • Ex Machina – $2.1 Million
  • Far From The Maddening Crowd – $1.3 Million

Top ten departures this week include The Woman In Gold, Cinderella and Unfriended. Disney’s latest live action flick made off from the ball with a rather hefty $517 million from a worldwide haul, and it only lost one glass slipper in the process. The Woman In Gold made over $36 million worldwide off of an $11 million budget, while Unfriended made a friend request-worthy grand total of $41.1 million before it dropped off the top ten.

And considering that it’s budget was only $1 million, that’s one hell of a profit when you crank out the percentages.

Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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