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Monday Box Office Report – Taken goes head to head with bad science

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What’s more appealing? Liam Neeson using his holiday license to curb the population of Europe, or yet another Tim Burton film that veers to close to past successes, hoping to capitalise on that nostalgia? Taken 2 and Frankenweenie debuted this past weekend, but as usual, only one of them could claim the top spot. And that was a match that was over before it even began…

Taken 2 pretty much obliterated the competition this week, cashing in on over $50 million in box office receipts, as Brian Mills put his particular set of money-making skills to use in PG-13 fashion, while Tim Burton saw Frankenweenie land at the fifth spot, well behind Hotel Transylvania which dropped to second place.

For everyone else, here’s a look at who made what over at the North American box office this past weekend;

  • Taken 2 – $50 Million
  • Hotel Transylvania – $26.3 Million
  • Pitch Perfect – $14.7 Million
  • Looper – $12.2 Million
  • Frankenweenie – $11.5 Million
  • End of Watch – $4 Million
  • Trouble with the curve – $3.8 Million
  • House at the end of the street – $3.6 Million
  • The Master – $1.8 Million
  • Finding Nemo 3D – $1.5 Million

The Master remained firm over the weekend, holding tightly onto it’s 9th place position, while End of Watch, Trouble with the curve and Looper saw some noticeable dips. Pitch Perfect saw the opposite of that however, as it climbed several spots up, while Resident Evil departed for greener pastures, dropping out of the top ten into 12th place, and with a global tally of just over $200 million.


Last Updated: October 8, 2012

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